Sunday, 26 July 2015


I was recently lucky enough to attend a fabulous Clarins event, during which I was given the goody bag of my cosmetic dreams, here are two of the wonderful things I found inside: 

First, let's talk lips. The beautiful bullet you can see is The Instant Light Lip Balm Perfecter, a wind-up balm that delivers a subtle sheen in a sugar-sweet scent with moisture and that perfect shade of your-lips-but-better. This is essentially the stick equivalent of the Instant Light gloss (which we all know is an absolute gem) the pictured product is in the shade rose and need I mention its glorious gold and pink exterior? 

The cheeky compact up top is the Multi-Blush in grenadine, a perky, rose cream blush. This is a fool-proof dream to apply, I simply swipe it onto my fingers and pat it into my cheeks and lips. It works a treat on a dewy base for those sleepy, secret no-makeup days. 

Have you used any makeup products from Clarins? 

E x

Monday, 4 May 2015


Now for an ode to a potion as old as time, the cult cosmetic cream that is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (£29). I use this product every day and it is glorious. If like me, you wake up with a mug that is pale, grey and lifeless, this perky pick-me-up is for you. 

This multi-tasking gem comes as a gel-cream in a pinky peach hue which helps to eliminate grey and blue tones in tired skin. It's intended for application after moisturiser and before makeup. Once on the face, it softens and smooths the skin's surface, whilst providing a non-sticky yet adhesive base for makeup. It's a balm that moisturises, brightens and tightens in such a way that's comfortable, subtle and long-lasting - I wouldn't be without it. 

Have you tried the Beauty Flash Balm?

E x

Sunday, 3 May 2015


Just over a year ago, I stumbled into a serious spot of bother and suffered a horrific case of adult acne. My skin was irritated, red and horrendous and I felt terrible. In a pimple-tastic panic, I legged it to Space N.K and was quickly directed to the bullet proof cover up that is the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer (£26.50) and it's AH-MAZING. 

LM's camouflage compact contains a two-shade system, one is designed to match the depth of colour in the skin, while the other is made to match the undertone of the skin. I simply pat my finger in each, and gently tap (I never blend) the product onto my skin. The pigment is rich and creamy so a little goes a very long way. This concealer does what it says on the tin, it completely camouflages imperfections with minimal effort in a way that looks natural and feels breathable. When it comes to spots it's my saviour. I've also heard that Alexa Chung is all over this, and any concealer of hers is a concealer of mine.

E x

Sunday, 26 April 2015


The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (£7) has been rolling around the medical aisles of drugstores for years and I've heard and read such wonderful things about this simple, soap free cleanser. 

I snapped up a bottle the other day and I can confirm that the hype is true, this stuff is glorious! The fragrance-free formula is a light, gel cream that can be used with or without water. I favour the latter followed with a hot flannel. I apply it by rubbing the cleanser between my hands before massaging it into my face and neck. It shifts slap and grime like a dream and it's so gentle, I can even massage it across my eyes and into my lashes with zero irritation, and my makeup just melts away. I often follow up with a second cleanse and my skin is left feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. I also love that the bottle has a pump, which makes for a quick, easy and mess-free application when I'm tired or in a rush. This bragain-licious find is now a staple on my bathroom shelf - a happy find indeed!

Have you tried Cetaphil's skincare range? 

E x

Sunday, 19 April 2015


In other news: I chopped my locks and cut in a fringe, what does everyone think? I'd been rolling around with the same blonde barnet for ages and a few weeks into moving to London, I decided it might be time for a switch up. I went to Radio on Broadway Market - this is a brilliant salon if you live in the area, the price list is really reasonable, they use beautiful bumble & bumble products and all the girls are lovely and really look after you. I was taken care of by an amazing lady called Karen, who cut my hair and advised me on different ways in which to style it, she also showed me how to wash and blow-dry my fringe which was hugely helpful as I'm somewhat of a hair novice. 
I initially asked for a short and blunt fringe way above the eyebrow, but due to my bouncy hair line I was advised to go a little longer at first in order to train the hair. I'm hoping to pop back to Radio soon to get it cut shorter again, but I'm loving the new style so far. Any recommendations on fringe friendly products and speedy hairdryers would be much appreciated!

E x

Sunday, 29 March 2015


As April approaches, I thought I'd give my makeup collection a streamline clean in time for the spring sunshine. As I did so, I happily unearthed last summer's favourite; Chanel's Coco Rouge Shine Lipstick (£25) in Interlude. This peachy lip shine product delivers a glossy, coral pigment in a super hydrating balm formula that makes for a dreamy, addictive application. It's infinitely wearable and looks glorious on sun-kissed skin, and need I mention the beautiful classic black and gold packaging? 
Spring's lip service is served. 

Have you tried the Coco Rouge Shine lipsticks? 

Saturday, 21 March 2015


A few weeks ago I snapped up the ever coveted Aēsop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque (£27) and my skin is nothing short of in love, this game changer has worked wonders on my congested complexion.

The clay based, parsley-packed masque is my first foray into Aesop's superlative skincare collection and I'm certainly a fan. It acts as a deep-cleansing treatment that's designed to extract impurities that clog the pores. On my mug in particular, blackheads are a consistent problem and so I was peachy keen to slap this on and sample its claims. 

A slinky thin veil over the face and neck is all you need before the watery beige cream gets to work. Fifteen minutes in, the masque is ripe, tight and ready to remove with a hot cloth. If you look closely at your skin just before hitting the flannel, you can actually see all the little dots of grime and pollutants that the masque has sucked up and eradicated (totally gross but fascinating). 

Post masque, my face feels cleansed and revitalised whilst the surface of my skin is soft and smooth. I noticed a real difference when I went to apply my makeup the next morning too which looked über fresh as a result. 

The product is intended for use twice a week and works on most skin types but isn't recommended for sensitive faces, so just be aware. The toothpaste-esque tube will last for ages too as I find a little goes a very long way. I for one am all for the parsley seed goodness and can't enough.

Have you tried this masque... if so what were your thoughts?